Hi there.

Alberta-born and Ontario-bred, Lauren is a multi-media journalist who delivers stories in print, audio and visual form.  

Currently developing a radio documentary on trauma support for volunteer firefighters, Lauren’s work has appeared in the Ottawa Citizen as well as a variety of online publications and Ottawa-based radio station, CKCU FM.

Lauren also contributes to self-published travel blog Around the World in 80 Selfies that has taken her as far as a craft brewery in Iceland, to the shores of the deepest lake in Central America. 

With a portfolio including short audio and video documentaries to long-form features, Lauren strives to capture the human experience. Some of her stories have explored the challenges of inter-faith relationships in a modern context, the miracle of a heart transplant, and the loss of a most beloved son. 

Rarely found without her camera in-hand, Lauren holds a Bachelor's degree in Theatre from York University in Toronto and a Masters of Journalism from Carleton University in Ottawa.

Please feel free to get better acquainted with Lauren's published works.